Troy Oak?

As I wrote yesterday, I got an acorn from Troy for my small collection of Aegean seeds. When visiting Troy, I had an audio guide which mentioned the oak trees, claiming they were of the species “Troy Oak”. It sounded logical to me.
But then I wanted to make sure and browsed this List of Quercus (Oak) species on Wikipedia double-checking images corresponding to the Latin name.
Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of my acorn before I planted it, but it was about 4-5 cm long. Its shell had already been broken by the cotyledons (as it seems to be called), so I don’t know whether it was pointed or not. I suspect (or remember from other acorns I saw lying around in Troy), the tip was round.
So it seems to me that my acorn is either of the Quercus pubescens or Quercus macranthera species. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, Quercus pubescens has a subspecies anatolia O. Schwarz, which seems rather fitting.
The Troy Oak or Quercus trojana or Macedonian Oak has very, very small acorns whose seeds are barely 1 cm long (measuring only the exposed part).

I’m no botanist, I rely on the web so far, but please correct me if I’m wrong.


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