Shopping Trip to Klee Gartencenter and Supermarket

Today, I decided to try a garden store my co-worker recommended, because she said that they had bonsai trees and could also consult on Bonsai. They sure had some trees and I got a little olive tree for 7,99 €.
They also had some scissors for Bonsai, but they looked shabby. So I got common garden scissors instead. I also bought some aluminium wire, not from the Bonsai department, but from the handicrafts department.

Bonsai Olive Tree, Scissors and Wire

Then I needed to do some grocery shopping anyway and luckily, they had avocados (not that unusual) and pine cones (very unusual, but maybe due to the season). As I mentioned in my wishlist, I wanted a Hass avocado anyway. I forgot to check where it came from, but I guess Israel again. The pine cone, however, is from Turkey.

Hass Aocado and Pine Cone

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