Timelapse Videos of Pine Cone Opening

I had gotten this pine cone last Saturday and it said on the label that one should put it in a warm place and that it would open after a few weeks. I did that and it started opening the next day, so I thought that I could make a timelapse video of it opening. It didn’t work that well, because it didn’t want to open as quickly as I had anticipated. And I didn’t want to leave my laptop on for several days. So I stopped recording after 11 hours when I went to work. Then, when I returned, it had opened even more. I had anticipated THAT, but anyway, I started recording again. This time, the camera made the laptop crash after 5 hours. So, the results aren’t that great. See for yourselves:

Timelapse Videos of a Pine Cone Opening:

The quality isn’t that great either, because opening the preview in fullscreen would also crash the laptop, so I refrained from that.
(I used a Logitech Webcam with Timershot for the capture, FastStone Image Viewer for re-sizing and for the time stamps and VirtualDub again for converting the photographs into the videos.)

And here is a picture of the opened pine cone and some of its pine nuts:

Pine Cone With Pine Nuts

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