New Seeds: Lemon

As I wrote in my wishlist, I want to grow bonsai lemon trees, preferably of the Sorrento lemon. However, as they only grow around Sorrento in Italy, they’re hard to come by, so I decided to try and germinate common lemons first. I “found” one lemon in the office kitchen, squeezed it and made myself a nice hot lemon – ginger – honey drink and put the seeds into water until work was finished. Then returned home, I put them into soil and into the mini greenhouse (which is now full, because the webcam and the thermometer needs space).
Only after I had sown those six seeds, I read up in detail about how to grow lemon trees from seeds. I had read that it is important to wash any remains of fruit sugar (fructose) off them, but they are slippery and always slipped from my hands.
Anyway, I read how to do it properly, and this is how to do it:
Get the seeds (or pips) from the lemon and immediately put them in your mouth. If you don’t accidentally swallow them, your saliva will clean them quite well, because the enzymes in your mouth are made for dissolving sugars. (That’s just what I remember form school; the tip about cleaning them in the mouth was form this blog post. I added the explanation myself.)
So I went to the organic supermarket and got myself a lemon and a lime. They also had quince, which is on my list as well, but they were from Austria and I only wanted Mediterranean seeds. The lemon and lime both were from Spain. Olé!
Back at home, I did as the lady from the other blog suggested. The organically grown lemon had many more seeds than the one I had taken from the office. About three times as many! The lime didn’t have any, though. I guess, it’s because it is a hybrid or something. I haven’t read up about that.

I put the seeds about 1 cm deep into the soil and watered the pot plenty. As the mini green house is full already, I decided to go for zip lock bags, three of them. I read that suggestion on yet another website. That one also said that it takes lemon seeds about 10 to 14 days to germinate.
By the way, I’ve created an excel table for all my seeds, where I enter name of species, date of sowing, expected germination date and actual germination date(s). Otherwise, I would have lost track of that already.

PS: I also bought an organic avocado from Spain today. The last one was from Chile. The Chilean tasted better, though…


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