Plant Nursery: IKEA Hack

I had decided to go for the IKEA hack after all, because I figured that it would leave me with less work – although I love DIY – and would cost me less. I’ve added my idea to the ikeahackers website, but it might take a while to get accepted, so I’m gonna describe it here as well.

IKEA hack: Plant Nursery made of IVAR

I used some parts from IKEA and some from a hardware store. Some of the hardware store things could be replaced by IKEA products.

IKEA hardware store
  • 2 x IVAR Side unit 124×30
  • 3-4x IVAR Shelf 42×30
  • 1x OBSERVATÖR Cross-brace
  • wood preservative
  • 2x lamp holder
  • plywood 15.5cmx56cm
  • extension cable
  • (4x castor roller)
  • 2x light bulbs for plants (actually
    ordered on amazon, but I think
    they’re available in a hardware store

The castor rollers are optional. However, I’ll place the nursery in front of my balcony door (indoors) and in case I wanna use the balcony in winter (for refilling the bird house, for example), I can easily push it aside.

If you wanna build it as well, you’ll also need:

  • hole saw (for the lamp holder)
  • saw
  • fret saw
  • sand paper
  • screwdriver (plus a small one for the lustre terminal)
  • drill
  • wood glue
  • screws
  • Stanley knife
  • paintbrush
  • wood for the lamp holder thingy

As you can see on the pictures, I left some parts unstained. These are the parts that hold the lights in winter. When I put the plant nursery on my balcony during summer time, I won’t need the electric lights and will take off the unstained parts.

Hidden Lustre Terminal

Hidden Lustre Terminal

I cut the socket part off the extension cable and connected the two lamp holder cables with it with a lustre terminal. That didn’t look so nice and also seemed a bit dangerous, in case my little nephew comes to visit, so I hid that in an old film can, just cut a hole in the bottom and one in the lid.

The plywood was used for the Japanese style gable. I had planned on having one on either side, but that sawing was way too exhausting. So, one will have to do.

I’ve only put that one mini greenhouse in for the photo, the other one is on its way to me, as are the light bulbs. There is a very nice IKEA hack for mini greenhouses, though. If I need more greenhouses in the future, I might try that. Although mine have little openings in the lid for ventilation…


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