Growing OIive Trees from Seeds – reloaded

After being so successful with my attempts to grow lemon and pomegranate from seeds, I had grown a bit impatient about my olive seeds (and many of the others, but that’s a different matter). I have also watched some videos about germinating seeds and one was about olives. The guy in the video suggested to crack the seeds for better chances of germination. A happy coincidence has it that I had just bought a nutcracker today (for different purposes – but that story is for another day).

If you have read more of my blog, you might know that I had brought olive seeds from my trip through Turkey – three from Gümüşlük (or Gumusluk) and three from the Asclepeion in Pergamon/ Bergama. So, I turned the pots over and tried to find each tree seeds in the soil. I cleaned them under running water and carefully cracked them open. The tree from Bergama seemed fine, but two of the ones from Gumusluk had disintegrated. The photograph shows the three olive seeds from Bergama.

Cracked olive seeds

Cracked olive seeds and shells

You can see that one seed is still half covered by the shell, but I didn’t dare cracking it more for fear of hurting the seed. Anyway, if it germinates, the root will need less effort to get out.


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