Bio-degradable Pots II

I have to say that I am disappointed in the bio-degradsable pots I used for some of my seedlings. The soil is always drier than in the plastic pots which means more watering and at the same time the pots are always moist and have started to mould.

Moulding bio-degradable pots

Moulding bio-degradable pots

I had anticipated that, because they are bio-degradable after all. Some of the lemon trees, like the one in the picture, still seem to need more water. I put most of them into plastic pots now without removing the bio-degradable ones. Unfortunately, I have run out of plastic pots. I checked Ebay for small ones, but decided for 15 clay pots, which only have a diameter of 4 cm, but they’re more environmentally friendly than the plastic ones, I guess.

I suppose the bio-degradable pots are okay for getting vegetable seeds to germinate (like pepper or tomatoes), but not for keeping seedlings inside for a longer period of time. Maybe, to long-time gardeners, that was obvious from the start, but I want to give everything a try and make the experience myself.


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