Update 1 on Germinating Ginkgo Seeds

This morning when I checked all my pots, I couldn’t believe what I saw: A crack in the soil in one of the egg carton pots that holds ginkgo seeds! Should one of the ginkgo seeds be germinating?

ginkgo seed germinating

Ginkgo Seed Germinating?

Anyway, it seems that it is germinating after all, because the cracks has gotten larger since this morning. I’m really excited about it, because those seeds have only been in the soil for three weeks and they supposedly only germinate after three months. I will add this to my overview of all germination periods in a minute.

I could only be more excited, if the olive seeds would finally germinate.

However, this discovery made me think: Didn’t I have more than 6 ginkgo seeds? I’m glad that I write this blog, because I’m very forgetful (should take some ginkgo medicine…), because that way I could read that I put 5 into the fridge. I checked them and the paper towel already looked very mouldy. I opened it and found one seed completely moulded. So I took it out and dumped it. I cleaned the others and gave them a new paper towel, because they have to stay in stratification for another week.

Moulding Ginkgo Seeds

Moulding Ginkgo Seeds


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