Battle Of The Apples Day 1

Yesterday, I got 5 apples seeds of each of two of my co-workers. Co-worker A (his name starts with A, but I won’t give his full name) gave me 5 of Pink Lady and co-corker B (her name starts with B, see above) gave me 5 of Golden Delicious. I know it is off-topic, because those are not Mediterranean seeds, but I wanted to add more information to my table of germination periods.

So, to make things a bit more competitive (and to have a reason for posting about something more regularly and with little effort), I will have a battle of the apples until all 10 seeds have germinated. I will post photographs of their pots each day there is some development. According to the data I have gathered about Granny Smiths and Braeburn, it will be less than a week before the first sprouts appear.

So, there we go!

(Starting a battle on Valentine’s Day – why not. It’s about apples, some say the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve had. Makes me think of Paris’ choice as well…)


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