Nature Day

I had a friend over this weekend who’s a biologist and after we had watched Il était une forêt (I couldn’t find an English title, it seems not to be available in English – shame really) in the cinema (in German) and did some more indoor stuff, we decided that today would be a more outdoor day. So, after our exercise in the morning (she running, me unicycling), we had breakfast and started off to the park/ forest to collect some Allium ursinum. The forests of Leipzig are quite notorious to grow it. It smells like garlic and the leaves look similar to those of Lily of the valley (which is highly poisonous). We later made pesto of it with walnuts and pecorino cheese.

Bear's garlic (allium ursinum) pesto

Bear’s garlic (allium ursinum) pesto

After the park, we went on past the zoo where we encountered some ostrich sex (that’s nature for you) and then further to the Botanical Garden. There wasn’t a lot going on except for some early flowering plants, but they’re on all at once this year, because there was hardly any winter and it was around 20°C today (31.4°C on my balcony). Here are some impressions:

My smartphone isn’t smart enough to know when I want to take macro photographs, so couldn’t take good pictures of buds and some blossoms.


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