First Pine Seedling


stone pine seedling

stone pine seedling

The first stone pine seedling has unfolded its branches almost completely this morning. Looks so weird. I showed some friends on Facebook the pictures I had added to the post about the stone pines germinating and one of my friends wrote that it looks alien. It certainly does. Yesterday evening, when it started unfolding, it looked quite creepy, like a green spider very slowly unfolding its legs. Yikes.

Note that it has 11 branches. What an odd number. I wonder if they always have 11. I will see with the next one in a couple of days.

First Stone Pines Germinated!

Some days ago, I saw the soil in one of the three stone pine pots bulge. Excitement! Since then, some green has shown and the next stone pine has also made the soil bulge.

They’re gonna look so funny once they’re completely sprouted. It took the first stone pine 17 days to germinate and I have added it to the list.

Germinated Apples Seed (Close-up)


When I prepared a fruit salad for my sister today with apples (Granny Smiths), some of the seeds inside had already germinated. Is that common? I almost never buy fruit for myself, and I haven’t come across it before.

apple seed

Germinated Apple Seed

Apparently, they don’t have some chemical in their coating to prevent them from germinating like citrus fruits have. I will try to get the others to germinate, too, and grow seedlings. Just to add some information to my germination table. However, I will dump them after a while, because my goal was to grow Mediterranean seeds. I just can’t resist any seeds now. 😀

Tiny Bugs In My Pots


I have these tiny bugs (the “grown” versions are 1 mm max. in length) in my pots. Thanks to my macro objective for my smart phone, you get to see them really well.

They’re quite transparent when they’re young, and get more white when older. I’d prefer not to have them, though.

Close-Ups of Leaves


Last week, I got the macro lense I had ordered primarily for my RaspberryPi Camera Module, but it is actually a lense to use with your smart phone. I will have to create some kind of an adapter to use it with the RPi.

So, today I took some amazing (at least I think so) pictures of some of my seedlings: