Mini-Terrarium for Plants

Some weeks ago, I came across this blog post about how to make a mini terrarium. It seemed like a cute idea. So, when I realized that I was one Christmas present short, I decided to try it.
This is the result:

What you need:
  • jar with lid
  • gravel (aquarium supply)
  • activated coal (aquarium supply or maybe you can crush some charcoal)
  • soil
  • plant (mini cactus or moss will do)
  • water
I used a much smaller jar than in the example given in the other blog. It was also a bit more complicated to fill it, because the jar is narrower at the top, but I liked the general form of the jar.
I followed the instruction mainly, maybe used a bit too much gravel. However, instead of moss, I got a little plant to put inside. I don’t know what it is called, though, some kind of succulent, I think.
I have lots of material left over, mainly gravel, which I only got in a 5 kg sack and needed less than a hand full. Maybe more people will get this Christmas present form me this year. On the other hand, I think gravel can also be used for bonsai.