Re-potting on the balcony

I got myself a coffee table for the balcony which I can also use for re-potting and other jobs like that.

Coffee/ Re-potting Table

Coffee/ Re-potting Table

One of my co-workers wants some of the seedlings (stone pine and ginkgo so far), so I prepared them for her. I got some bonsai soil, too, because she wants to give it a try and I will need it anyway. The pine seedling on the photograph is the one from the video.

One of the Granny Smith’s Apple seedlings came out nice after the first pruning, so I’m keeping it as well.

I had actually planned on sowing rapini (broccoli raab) – I had ordered some seeds and they had arrived yesterday – but the sowing period is July to September. What a disappointment.

Battle of the Apples Day 18

Sad news first: Nothing has happened really so far. I was about to dump all the seeds, but decided to check on them first. This is what I found (after I had cleaned them up a bit):

There seemed to be no change at all in the Golden Delicious seeds, apart from one having vanished. I dumped them all. They still have a chance to germinate on the compost.

The Pink Ladies seem to make an effort at least, so I put them back into the soil.

To give the Golden Delicious a chance, I allowed for some re-enforcement (to stay with the war metaphor). Luckily, the Golden Delicious co-worker eats on of them a day, so I got two more seeds yesterday, which I sowed today. Maybe I can get more tomorrow.

Battle Of The Apples Day 1

Yesterday, I got 5 apples seeds of each of two of my co-workers. Co-worker A (his name starts with A, but I won’t give his full name) gave me 5 of Pink Lady and co-corker B (her name starts with B, see above) gave me 5 of Golden Delicious. I know it is off-topic, because those are not Mediterranean seeds, but I wanted to add more information to my table of germination periods.

So, to make things a bit more competitive (and to have a reason for posting about something more regularly and with little effort), I will have a battle of the apples until all 10 seeds have germinated. I will post photographs of their pots each day there is some development. According to the data I have gathered about Granny Smiths and Braeburn, it will be less than a week before the first sprouts appear.

So, there we go!

(Starting a battle on Valentine’s Day – why not. It’s about apples, some say the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve had. Makes me think of Paris’ choice as well…)