New Attempt to Grow Chestnut From Seed And Some Re-potting

Second Attempt to Grow Chestnut From Seed

About a week ago, I bought five chestnuts at the supermarket – some of the last ones in fact. I had brought one from my trip to Turkey, but it has been in the soil for October 16th, but no germination so far. To improve my chances of getting chestnut trees, I decided to “cheat” a bit by buying some chestnuts and try to get them to germinate. However, the Turkish one might still sprout later. Anyway, I cut them cross-wise at the pointed end, put them into water and waited. I changed the water daily, because chestnuts like acorns give off a slimey substance when stored in water. I have no idea, what it is, but it is quite disgusting. When I checked yesterday, I saw that one of them seemed to germinate. So, I took that one out and put it into soil, pointed end downwards, because in my experience so far, this is where the root comes from.

Sprouting Chestnut

Sprouting Chestnut

Re-potting Lemon Seedlings

The kitchen was already a mess with all that soil, so I decided to re-pot some of my lemon seedlings. I already have 25 and some seeds haven’t germinated yet. I’m waiting for 5 more to sprout. I only re-potted five, for several reasons: 1st – I ran out of soil, 2nd – some of them are too small to re-pot (10 cm is recommended) and 3rd – I didn’t re-pot those in the pots where I still wait for their “siblings” to germinate, because I don’t want my numbers to get mixed up.

Lemon Seedling with Lemon Seed

Lemon Seedling with Lemon Seed

Anyway, as you can see in the picture, some of them still had the lemon pip attached. One was a special case, where two seeds germinated very close to each other. The second is only about 1cm tall and the first about 8 to 10 already. So, hoping to get a joined trunk one day, I re-potted them together. Just like the last time I re-potted a lemon seedling, the look a bit withered now. But I think they will be okay in a few hours.


Lemon Seedlings, Pomegranate Seedlings, English Oak Seedling

I’ve ordered more soil and bio-degradable pots for the next day of re-potting. And as you can see, it is such a beautifully sunny day, I have to dash to catch some of those sunbeams.