Spring Pruning

Today was a very nice and sunny day – at least in the afternoon. So, I let the seedlings take their first sun bath with the balcony door open. As you can see on the thermometer, it was warm enough.

Sunbathing Seedlings

Sunbathing Seedlings

Furthermore, some days ago, I had pruned (I do hope this is the right word) some of the seedlings which I felt had become too tall. And they’re already developing new buds.


New Seeds: Medlar – and others too

Yesterday, I got one of the medlar fruits from their stratification container on my balcony, because it is too warm during daytime anyway to call it stratification. I put the seeds into water overnight and sowed them today.

I also gave the ginkgo seeds from the egg carton pots proper pots, because the egg carton had started to rot and I was a bit concerned about my health. And I put the date seed that had germinated in vermiculite into a proper pot with proper soil. (Sorry for labelling the medlar seeds as “quince”, I had forgotten the name in English.) I only cut the egg carton “compartments” apart and put them into the new pots with the soil and the seeds.

medlar, date and ginkgo pots

medlar, date and ginkgo pots

Then I prepared a little something for my co-worker from Sicily. He had shown interest in the lemon seedlings, so I’m giving him one and one of the two pine seedlings. They’re his favourite tree.

pine seedling lemon seedling

Pine and lemon seedlings


Close-Ups of Leaves


Last week, I got the macro lense I had ordered primarily for my RaspberryPi Camera Module, but it is actually a lense to use with your smart phone. I will have to create some kind of an adapter to use it with the RPi.

So, today I took some amazing (at least I think so) pictures of some of my seedlings:

More Singling Seedlings

I just realized today that I used the wrong word when I wrote about singling out the lemon seedlings during the weekend. I wrote re-potting which wasn’t quite correct. Sorry, my gardening English is developing the same speed my plants are. I hope I got it right now. Anyway, they actually moved to new pots…

bio-degradable pots

Bio-degradable pots

Singling Out Seedlings

lemon seedling

Lemon Seedling with roots

So, I got my bio-degradable pots today – 2o of them – and new soil. So I singled more lemon seedlings. I came across this nice example with some side roots, which I want to share. The others mainly had the one vertical root – I’m sure there is a special name for that too – and only rarely one more horizontal root. This one, however, had four or five horizontal roots. Good boy! (Or girl, or both…)

Bio-degradable Pots

I like those bio-degradable pots. For one, they’re not made from plastic and their colour is kind of earthy and warm. The black plastic pots might have the advantage of turning the sunlight into warmth better and even storing that warmth a bit. The greatest advantage of the bio-degradable pots might as well be their greatest disadvantage: They’re bio-degradable! Who would have thought?! No, seriously, you don’t need to remove them for re-potting, they will degrade in the next pot. I’m just afraid that they will start degrading before their time because of the watering…For me, another advantage though is their size. Because they’re slightly smaller than the plastic pots, I can get more of them into the platter (is that the right word? the green bottom of my mini greenhouses).

Anyway, I will keep the plastic pots, in case I want to give the seedlings away next summer. I have way too many.

New Attempt to Grow Chestnut From Seed And Some Re-potting

Second Attempt to Grow Chestnut From Seed

About a week ago, I bought five chestnuts at the supermarket – some of the last ones in fact. I had brought one from my trip to Turkey, but it has been in the soil for October 16th, but no germination so far. To improve my chances of getting chestnut trees, I decided to “cheat” a bit by buying some chestnuts and try to get them to germinate. However, the Turkish one might still sprout later. Anyway, I cut them cross-wise at the pointed end, put them into water and waited. I changed the water daily, because chestnuts like acorns give off a slimey substance when stored in water. I have no idea, what it is, but it is quite disgusting. When I checked yesterday, I saw that one of them seemed to germinate. So, I took that one out and put it into soil, pointed end downwards, because in my experience so far, this is where the root comes from.

Sprouting Chestnut

Sprouting Chestnut

Re-potting Lemon Seedlings

The kitchen was already a mess with all that soil, so I decided to re-pot some of my lemon seedlings. I already have 25 and some seeds haven’t germinated yet. I’m waiting for 5 more to sprout. I only re-potted five, for several reasons: 1st – I ran out of soil, 2nd – some of them are too small to re-pot (10 cm is recommended) and 3rd – I didn’t re-pot those in the pots where I still wait for their “siblings” to germinate, because I don’t want my numbers to get mixed up.

Lemon Seedling with Lemon Seed

Lemon Seedling with Lemon Seed

Anyway, as you can see in the picture, some of them still had the lemon pip attached. One was a special case, where two seeds germinated very close to each other. The second is only about 1cm tall and the first about 8 to 10 already. So, hoping to get a joined trunk one day, I re-potted them together. Just like the last time I re-potted a lemon seedling, the look a bit withered now. But I think they will be okay in a few hours.


Lemon Seedlings, Pomegranate Seedlings, English Oak Seedling

I’ve ordered more soil and bio-degradable pots for the next day of re-potting. And as you can see, it is such a beautifully sunny day, I have to dash to catch some of those sunbeams.

Timelapse of Lemon Tree Seedlings


After about four weeks of taking a picture every hour, I’ve compiled a timelapse video of some of my lemon tree seedlings.

There were eight seeds in the pot and I’m happy to announce that all of them have germinated. The last one only today, when stopped taking the pictures, so it isn’t visible in the video.

I will repot some of them (the taller ones) tomorrow.

The pictures where taken with the Raspberry Pi and RPi Camera Module. The code used was

raspistill -o lemon%04d.jpg -tl 360000 -t 2419200000 -w 1280 -h 720 -ISO 200

The “-t” value might have been a bit different. I used VirtualDub to render it as a video and Magix to edit the video.