Re-potting on the balcony

I got myself a coffee table for the balcony which I can also use for re-potting and other jobs like that.

Coffee/ Re-potting Table

Coffee/ Re-potting Table

One of my co-workers wants some of the seedlings (stone pine and ginkgo so far), so I prepared them for her. I got some bonsai soil, too, because she wants to give it a try and I will need it anyway. The pine seedling on the photograph is the one from the video.

One of the Granny Smith’s Apple seedlings came out nice after the first pruning, so I’m keeping it as well.

I had actually planned on sowing rapini (broccoli raab) – I had ordered some seeds and they had arrived yesterday – but the sowing period is July to September. What a disappointment.

Germinated Apples Seed (Close-up)


When I prepared a fruit salad for my sister today with apples (Granny Smiths), some of the seeds inside had already germinated. Is that common? I almost never buy fruit for myself, and I haven’t come across it before.

apple seed

Germinated Apple Seed

Apparently, they don’t have some chemical in their coating to prevent them from germinating like citrus fruits have. I will try to get the others to germinate, too, and grow seedlings. Just to add some information to my germination table. However, I will dump them after a while, because my goal was to grow Mediterranean seeds. I just can’t resist any seeds now. 😀