Time-Lapse Video of Stone Pine Pinus Pinea

I stopped the time-lapse project today, because the seedling was growing too tall and anyway, there was only waving about since the last couple of days. See for yourselves:

This time, I left the light on during the night (except for the first night). So, whenever you see a yellowish light, that’s night. There’s almost a complete day missing, because…now, let me think…it stopped recording and I hadn’t set my calender or something.

I used the Raspberry Pi Camera and the raspistill function again. One picture every 20 minutes this time.


First Pine Seedling


stone pine seedling

stone pine seedling

The first stone pine seedling has unfolded its branches almost completely this morning. Looks so weird. I showed some friends on Facebook the pictures I had added to the post about the stone pines germinating and one of my friends wrote that it looks alien. It certainly does. Yesterday evening, when it started unfolding, it looked quite creepy, like a green spider very slowly unfolding its legs. Yikes.

Note that it has 11 branches. What an odd number. I wonder if they always have 11. I will see with the next one in a couple of days.

First Stone Pines Germinated!

Some days ago, I saw the soil in one of the three stone pine pots bulge. Excitement! Since then, some green has shown and the next stone pine has also made the soil bulge.

They’re gonna look so funny once they’re completely sprouted. It took the first stone pine 17 days to germinate and I have added it to the list.

Germinating Stone Pine: Next Attempt

I ordered 10 stone pine seeds on Ebay about two weeks ago, because my last attempt to get them to germinate was a complete failure.

Stratification, Soaking and Sowing

stone pine seeds

Stone Pine Seeds

It said on the label to put them in the fridge for 10 days. As I was away over the weekend, I let them in the fridge for 12 days. Then it said to put them in lukewarm water for 1 to 2 days. So I put them in a jar with water and put that on the heating. Today, the two days were over and I sowed them into three pots. I used a mixture of coffee dregs and soil, because mostly because it said on the label to use nutrient-rich soil.

I used plastic pots again this time, because I realized that the bio-degradable pots suck the water from the soil and I have to water those pots more often.

I read somewhere that they might only take 10 days to germinate. Wouldn’t that be great? Fingers crossed.

Science Project Update

A bit over two weeks ago, I had started a “science” project to determine the germination period and conditions for pine cone seeds. It was actually the 18th of November. On the 27th, I already disposed of all 15 seeds from the mini greenhouse and four from the cubby. The ones in the fridge looked best.
Today, I checked again and most of the ones in the fridge had developed mildew. I saved four and put them into my last soil.

Stone pine seeds from the cubby

Stone pine seeds from the cubby

Stone pine seeds from the cellar

Stone pine seeds from the cellar

Yikes! Obviously, I dumped the ones form the cellar. The tissue paper was completely dried out. At least, now I know that my cellar is dry. I put the ones in the cubby back. Better not disturb them. It is rather cold there, depending on the temperature outdoors.

By the way, I used my last soil and last pot for the pine stone seeds. I had a pomegranate from Turkey some days ago and saved some seeds. I already have pomegranate saplings, but they are dwarf pomegranate (Punica granatum nana) and the one I ate is probably not the dwarf type. I don’t know which variety it is, I only know that the ones I saw in Turkey seemed to have a more intensive red color than this one.